I am an oneironaut, and have been practicing meditation and dreamwork for over 16 years. My interests in such things naturally unfolded in my life through spontaneous lucid dreaming spells in childhood and precognitive dreams in early adulthood. From there my nerd like curiosity of all things mysterious and unknown propelled me toward an ever deepening study, practice, and relationship with dreams, meditative states, and what Stephen Harrod Buehner calls "The Imaginal Realm". Yes, these things do inform my work as a filmmaker/artist (they are indeed part and parcel) but more importantly meditation and dreamwork have both greatly impacted my development as a person in transformative and powerful ways. I want to share these surprisingly practical tools with people interested in learning how dreaming/meditation can support their expansion and wellbeing.

To help raise funding for this film I am offering two sessions of this class to folks in Portland.

Sunday October 28th: 3 - 6 PM

Sunday December 9th: 3 - 6 PM

I am asking $25, but am open to whatever you can afford if you want to attend.

No experience necessary, all are welcome. Including skeptics! I really love and appreciate logical people, truly- so if you think this is crazy, but somehow for some reason you think maaaaybe you are a little curious.. but not sure why... then come!

let's crack the window open :)

Venmo @devin-febbroriello

or Paypal Donate HERE to sign up.

Be sure to say which date you are selecting.

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