%100 without a doubt, this film would not be happening at all if it weren't for this team of people jumping in to bring their expertise to the project. I do not think I can properly articulate how grateful I am for everyone bringing their resources and talent to this film. Let's just say, sometimes I don't sleep much cause I'm too excited about making this film with all of these incredible people! As I mentioned in an earlier post, this is a relatively ambitious script with a lot of cinematic elements. When I didn't receive grant funding I wanted to give up on it completely because I genuinely believe in paying people what they are worth, and everyone working on this project is worth A LOT.

The fact that they are on board is:

1. Super fortunate for the potentiality of us collaborating to make a good movie.

2. Is the main reason I am shaking a leg to try and rustle up enough funds to get each department the key creative tools they requested for doing their best work. (Plus, the greatest food a lo/no budge film can possibly have!)

Without further Adieu - The confirmed crew for The Leverage

(still looking for art department and costume if you know anyone!

Producer: Ashley Mellinger

Producer: Sarge Sargis

Production Coordinator: Melina Coumas

Director of Photography: Will Walle

1st AC: Sika Stanton

2nd AC: DJ Scott

Gaffer: Joe Bowden

Grip: Corey Stacks

Sound: Phil Garrison

HMU: Eirrin Grigon

SFX Makeup: Erin Lyon

PA: Ariana Celestine

PA: Marcus Garrett

Editor: Ryan Douglas

CGI: Dan Kim

Color: Adam Cornelius

Music Composition: Mike Gamble & Alex Callenberger.

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645 N. Tillamook Street,

Portland, Oregon 97227